The horror, the horror – 100 pages of fresh meat!

Only 111 days to Halloween!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Mad Movies. France. 2017.

Staying with our theme of modern advertising, TVTA is pleased to bring you a bone-tingling and blood-curdling batch of horror adverts for comic books, film and video games.

Did we mention Halloween is one of our favourite annual events?   

Mad Movies. France. 2017.

Zombies in Cinema. Mad Movies. France. 2017.

Scream Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street!. Mad Movies. France. 2017.

Impaler. Wizard. UK. 2008.

Silent Hill Homecoming. . Wizard. UK. 2008.

Ankama graphic novels. Mad Movies. France. 2017.

K Shop horror VOD. Mad Movies. France. 2017.

Our mascot Robologo thanks you for getting into the early spirit of Halloween with us 🙂

+ more horror news!! Look out for a ghoulish and ghastly selection of Japanese chirashi movie posters coming soon to TVTA! 


12 thoughts on “The horror, the horror – 100 pages of fresh meat!

  1. Hellooooooo TVTA, what a refreshing change, a countdown to Halloween instead of Christmas! These covers are really neat and reminds me of what I missed out on as a youngster. I wasn’t allowed out “Trick or Treating” or going to Spooky Parties (my parents didn’t like me going out). Luckily I can catch up on the horror now I’m older. Thanks for the scares….what’s that behind you!!!

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    • Hi FT, ‘what’s that behind you!!!’ you say? Eeek! Ah, It’s okay, just Wooof dressed in his zombie-cat costume!
      I guess we were lucky in that our mom’s let us go out trick or treating. Then the week after it would be bonfire night and fireworks displays. Then in December we went out carol singing. Those last three months of the year were good fun looking back.

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      • When I was older I made up for my lack of going out and celebrating, I became a pub/club entertainer and my favourite time was Halloween and December. I was in a cabaret style act – costumes, jokes, song and dance and me dressed as Jim Carrey’s The Mask. I fitted in perfectly! Plus in December I celebrated my birthday, then a week later it was Christmas and a week after that New Years, so I partied for a whole month doing shows!

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      • Sounds a truly great and fun experience. Did you incorporate playing piano/organ into the shows too? I’ve played drums in numerous bands and was in the Guinness book of records once for most drummers drumming. Our record at the time was 582 drummers, since then beaten a few times.
        Gig-wise there’s nothing quite like playing on a stage to an audience, whether it’s to one man and his dog or a summer festival.
        Yeah, I totally forgot to add New Years Eve to the list of cool events at the end of the year.

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      • Hi yes I did incorporate a rendition of Toccata and Fugue in Dmin and Bohemian Rhapsody. During one show some members of the audience started heckling because we did use backing tapes, but on this night there was a difference. This club had a piano on the dance floor and at the before the start of the second half of our show I went out on stage then jumped off it and started playing the piano. The room fell silent….there was The Mask playing classical music on piano! Then my band mate started the tape and I joined in playing along with the first song Bo Rhap! No more heckling after that!
        And congrats on your claim to fame a Record Breaker! I like drummers especially Roger Taylor, Carl Palmer and Cozy Powell.

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      • Excellent. The Mask playing the piano must have looked both surreal and cool at the same time. Cozy Powell was the first drummer to inspire me when he was in Rainbow. Great musician. I was 12 years old practising on the pillows and cushions of my bed with a pair of badly chewed-up drumsticks rescued from a skip. Had to wait until I was almost 16 before I got my first real kit. Happy days 🙂

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      • It certainly earned the respect of the crowd. My band mates could both play instruments themselves but the effort of transporting the kit was huge, plus certain venues couldn’t host a full band due to the UK Licensing Act of venues. Plus we had a 4000 watt lighting rig, sound equipment and around 30 costumes and props to wrestle with (for a 90 minute show!) My everlasting memory of Cozy Powell will always be his album “And Then There Was Skin” I was in awe that a whole album could consist of basically a drum solo.

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  2. Interesting Horror themes adverts, not seen many of these before. Like that one for Phantasm box set, love those films! Great to see an add for Silent Hill game as well, those were also well spooky! Big fan of Halloween as well 🙂

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