More Fun From Kenner. 1997.

Cover of the 1997 More Fun From Kenner catalogue. US.

Under the ownership of Hasbro, Kenner’s twilight years as a toy company followed its long and distinguished tradition of producing heavyweight-name toys across the spectrum of TV, film and comics: Batman, Superman, Star Wars, Jurassic Park and others. TVTA is pleased to present a selection of scans from Kenner’s 1997 mini catalogue. Click images to go bigger.



The Lost World Jurassic Park


Star Wars

Transformers Beast Wars

Starting Line Up


SSP Super Sonic Power

Magna Crew

Thanks for looking  🙂

8 thoughts on “More Fun From Kenner. 1997.

  1. I recognise more than a few of the Star Wars figures!! I also had a few Tonka trucks… there was nothing like a Tonka truck… you could throw those things off a cliff and they’d still be in one piece!

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    • Tonka, cockroaches and Hostess Twinkies are the only things that can survive a nuclear blitz!! I had a 70s Tonka red tipper truck and a yellow digger. Although badly paint chipped they were my longest lasting toys from childhood. I guess Lego is pretty durable too. And Playmobil figures.

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  2. Hi TVTA, I didn’t realise just how many Batman figures there were. I should have, as there were so many variations of his costume and gadgets. I think I got a bit disillusioned with Dark Knight toys as a result. Back to Star Wars though. I actually got to meet one of the figures in the Kenner images. Well I got to meet the actor who played Admiral Ackbar at my local Comic Con. The actor is called Tim Rose and he is fantastic and funny, sharing behind the scenes stories.

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      • You’re correct! He did control Salacious and Snootles, he had photos of him with the puppets on his table for sale. The only problem with the Ackbar figure was it had webbed hands so getting it to hold it’s blaster accessory was difficult. A small blob of “Blu-Tack” poster adhesive fixed that though!

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      • Kenner went all ‘control room’ with their original Ackbar figure and gave him a short staff, which looked like a black length of pipe with rings on it. He could hold onto it though as they gave him a curved right hand.

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      • I remember the scytale staff (I think that’s what it’s called!), I must have just given Ackbar a spare blaster too! I had nearly all the figures until my younger brother decided he wanted to sell his part of the collection and “forgot” to separate my figures out. He sold the whole lot and I suspect it was to fund his “chemical entertainment”.

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      • All my figures I sold to buy records. A good exchange at the time I remember, though I wished I’d have kept at least one or two. I have two Star Wars books saved from childhood so that’s something.


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