Vintage Wooden Toys and Puzzles

Traditional, sturdy and perfect for inquisitive hands and minds! Wooden toys and puzzles have proved themselves to be an enduring early-years toy for generations of children. The push-along baby-walker loaded with bricks, the wooden train set, the shape-sorter, trikes and rocking horses, the Steinmeier post WWII material and jobs shortage-inspired wood puzzles with their grab handles – I’ll bet most of us had at least one of these as a child?

Below is a selection of catalogue scans for brands such as Steinmeier, Brio and Tiger Toys. Click images to go bigger. Thanks for looking.

Steinmeier wooden toys. Fair-Play. 1980. France.

Steinmeier wooden toys. 1980. Fair-Play. France.

Brio. Fair-Play. France. 1980.

Brio. Fair-Play. France. 1980.

Brio. Hamleys. 1983. UK.

Tiger Toy wooden baby walker. Hamleys. France. 1983.

Wooden trike and learning bricks. Hamleys. France. 1983.

Wooden block toys and pull-alongs. Hamleys. France. 1983.

Wooden bead toys. Hamleys. 1983. UK.

Wooden toys. Arbois toy catalogue. France C1978.

Kouvalias wooden toys. Arbois toy catalogue. France C1978.

Post updated with new images December 2022.

3 thoughts on “Vintage Wooden Toys and Puzzles

  1. Hello TVTA, yes I remember these type of toys very well – and for good reason. You may recall my Grandfather was a Master Craftsman? Well he actually owned a toy factory that made some of these sort of toys! So I had a few of these in my time and so did a lot of the local children who had to spend time in hospital over Christmas time as my Grandfather used to donate boxes of toys for the kids, he even dressed as Santa to deliver them!

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      • I just wish I had the chance to meet him. Sadly he died around two months before I was born but he was a well known character. He might even have carved one of the horses on the Galloping Carousel rides you rode on as a child in the UK!

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