Smurfs figurines Catalogue 1965 to 1986 (part 1)

TVTA is pleased to present scans of this wonderful German Schleich catalogue featuring the entire product range for world-famous Peyo Smurfs figurines, 1965 to 1986.

A part 2 post later will show the remaining non-toy images from this exceptional catalogue.

Click pictures to go bigger.

Smurfs Schleich catalogue 1986 inhalt 01

1973 to 1978

1981 to 1986

1977 to 1980

1980 to 1984

1984 to 1986

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17 thoughts on “Smurfs figurines Catalogue 1965 to 1986 (part 1)

  1. Hi! Thank you for this post, it’s amazing! I noticed there are some pages missing in the catalog, right? I noticed the page number jumped from 14 to 22

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    • Hi John, thanks for stopping by.
      You are right about some missing pages – in fact, quite a few! The catalogue is truly amazing and shows many pages which I did not originally include as I wanted to show only the figurines.

      However, looking back at the remaining scans I am now going to post a “Part 2” showing these additional images later today. Some great ‘Golden Hammer Smurf’ award photos for example, and little comic strips they included!

      Thanks, and please check back later 🙂


  2. These are amazing. I had a few of these when I was younger… picked up at market stalls and the likes. Quite incredible to see a whole range… and they ran for quite a while!!

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    • They’re great aren’t they. I never realised until I saw the catalogue just how many they made. My brother had a good dozen of them or so. I also like the Kinder Surprise Smurfs figures. McDonald’s in France often have Smurf promotions which can sometimes be good. It must be pretty cool to be a Smurf collector as you have an amazing wealth of toys and merch, and a few good decades to choose from.

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      • There were so many different sorts of Smurfs, lots in these ads that I’ve never seen before as well. There are certainly plenty of different merchandise for collected to look for 🙂

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  3. Hello TVTA! Oh my word, you have made me feel old again. I remember these figurines as there was a national petrol station in the UK that ran a promotion where you bought a certain volume of petrol and you would receive a figure! Of course I was only a youngster in 1979/80 but somehow my mother and I managed to persuade the station attendants to let me buy the figures instead. I owned the Smurfs, the “Ice-Lolly Licker”, the “Paintbrush Artist”, the “Hang Glider Pilot” and my favourite the “Race Car Driver” in the red/yellow convertible! These particular ones were very hard to get hold of in the UK apparently. Thanks for the Smurf…..I mean memories!

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    • Hi FT, yes you’re right, I think it was the BP garages that had the promotion. My auntie lived opposite one and she’d buy them for my younger brother. There are lots I recognise from the catalogue scans. The only ones I had personally were the ‘mechanic’ and the ‘rambler’. My brother had the hang glider one you mentioned. The little French vintage toy shop I sometimes visit has an entire display case full of vintage Smurfs. I keep telling myself no, I’m not going to start collecting them. Well, maybe one or two won’t hurt 🙂

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      • Hi again, well may I issue a word of caution…that’s how it starts. I’ll just get one lightsaber (or Smurf) then they seem to breed till you have half a dozen (or more!) And BP garages does sound about right. I realised I also had the Smurf with the large wooden mallet!

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