Never Mind the Adverts Pt12 – Die Cast toys

Welcome to the latest Never Mind The Adverts Here Are The Toys! Time to take a look at some die cast vehicles from the 1970s to present – direct from The Vintage Toy Advertiser collection. 

Corgi 1995 re-issue of the James Bond Aston Martin DB5

Corgi 1973 J.P.S. Lotus Formula 1

Corgi Ford Escort

Corgi Allis Chalmers forklift

Corgi Batman vehicles

Corgi Doctor Who

Corgi Juniors Penguinmobile and Superman Punching-fist Rocket

Corgi Beatles Taxis

Corgi Helicopters

Hot Wheels 1990s

Hot Wheels Star Wars

Kenner Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Mail Away

Star Force Knockoff X-Wing Fighter

Matchbox Superkings Jaguar XJ6

Matchbox Yorkie Truck

Matchbox Battle Kings Helicopter K118. 1978

Matchbox Superfast Woosh N Push. 1972

Mattel Disney Cars

Welly Mini Cooper

Majorette Construction

Thanks for looking 🙂

21 thoughts on “Never Mind the Adverts Pt12 – Die Cast toys

  1. I recall seeing the Beatles cars at a toy store and being a bit disappointed. It doesn’t appear as if much thought was put in designing them. Why not cars the beatles themselves once owned? Or, the VW seen on the Abbey Road album cover? Or, the sports car from Sgt. Pepper?

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    • It’s a fairly typical ‘Corgi’ thing to do, they take a recognisable British vehicle (taxi, bus, Mini) and match it to a recognisable Brit brand (Beatles, Royal Family, UK Olympics). I agree not very inspiring at times, and as much as I love Corgi they’re a bit safe and stuffy (also try contacting them on soc media for anything – actually don’t bother). But I do happen to like those Beatles taxis somehow. Your idea for cars owned by the band themselves is much more interesting though.

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  2. Such cool little cars… My brother has a huge collection of mini cars. He bought many at a Fair. The majority are yellow (don´t know why!)… Love yours here. Have a great weekend ❤ 🙂

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    • There’s lots of those Hot Wheels Star Wars vehicles now isn’t there? I keep forgetting to get myself a Luke X Wing Pilot and an R2-D2 as I wanted these for a while. Just had a look at images for the Falcon you mentioned – that’s a cool and clever design.

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      • There is, yeah. My boy has R2D2 and C3PO (sports car and van). I’ve seen Star Wars planet themed cars in the Poundlands here.

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      • The planet themed cars sound interesting. Are they Hot Wheels too, or by another brand? My youngest son has a few ships, very small scale, that came free with a magazine. Was also some mini-helmets like Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, Boba Fett etc.


      • They are, yeah. They’re fairly plain compared to the character themed ones, but I guess they can only do so much.

        Mini-helmets sound ace… especially cause those in Star Wars are so iconic.

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  3. Fab di-cast toy cars! Love these ads! I had the Supermobile and that X-Wing fighter. Also had a Di-Cast Star Destroyer, it had a tiny blockade runner in the docking bay which used to slide open underneath 🙂

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    • The Star Wars die cast range is really cool. And very expensive nowadays if you want one in its original packaging. I was lucky I picked up that mailer some years back before the prices went crazy. I didn’t know the Star Destroyer had a tiny Blockade Runner – a nice touch 🙂

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  4. Hello TVTA, hmm interesting that James Bond DB5 is different than the one I owned. Mine didn’t have the red tyre slashing hubcaps but just the machine gun headlights, bullet proof rear window shield and of course the ejector seat. Do you know if there was another re-release of this model? I will research myself but thought I’d ask you first. And I owned the Lotus J.P.S. Formula 1 model and still have 5 or six of the Star Wars Hot Wheels cars, including the fabulous Darth Vader replica with red wheel trims! (They actually reflect light so appear to glow!)

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    • Hi FT. Yes it’s had a few variations over the years. the original and first edition release was painted gold because the design team believed the silver paint they had in stock was too close to the base metal of the toy and would appear ‘unpainted’. The 1995 version I showed is based on the second edition which was painted silver. This edition had all the gadgets of the gold original but included revolving number plates and rear tyre slashers. It’s one of my favourite toys. I had one as a child (along with the Batmobile) and simply had to buy myself this reissue 🙂

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      • Ah that explains a lot then, I had the version with less gadgets. I just read about the decision to hurriedly paint some of the cars gold. Well at least I owned one version of the DB5 as a young secret agent! I also had the Batmobile which had a chain cutting blade between the headlights, matchstick firing rocket tubes behind the cockpit and replica flames that moved back and forth out of the exhaust pipes!

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