Jouets Mont-Blanc General Catalogue 1969

Jouets Mont-Blanc General Catalogue 1969. France. Front cover.

The Mont-Blanc 1969 tri language catalogue (French, English and German) featured not only a small range of traditional toys and games but a selection of household telephones and, bizarrely, a full-size kitchen.

Being a 1969 catalogue it’s good to see the famous and iconic Concorde aeroplane represented – possibly one of the very first toys to do so.

Remote control Intercontinental Concorde with patented tilting nose system, imitation engine hum and flickering jets. 1969.

I love this picture of a futuristic space vehicle and traditional farm tractor. Sci-fi meets agriculture! Somehow War of the Worlds by HG Wells came to my mind.

Electric motor non-stop Unique Space-Car and remote control McCormick Tractor. 1969.

Onto the full scans. Here we see everything from motorised and remote control cars, planes and cranes – to building bricks – to globes – to rubber ducks – and that full size kitchen we were talking about 🙂  

Electric motor Taunus and remote control Ferrari. 1969.

Remote control Jaguar E Type. 1969.

Remote control and friction-power Matra 530 GT. 1969.

Intercontinental Concorde. 1969.

Caravelle and Boeing 727. 1969.

Mobi-Tec. 1969.

Various toys and games. 1969.

Remote control giant cranes. 1969.

Play sets. 1969.

Les Blocs. 1969.

Telephones. 1969.

The Diane kitchen. 1969.

And finally, the back cover. Thanks for looking.

Jouets Mont Blanc General Catalogue 1969. France. Back cover.

6 thoughts on “Jouets Mont-Blanc General Catalogue 1969

  1. Definitely a fan of Concorde! I never got to fly on one but I did visit RAF Duxford and it’s museum which houses one of the four prototype Concorde and I got to walk aboard it and check out the cockpit. And may I ask, do you like kitchens? You featured one back on March 9th in your post for Acme Boots and bubble-gum!

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    • Well spotted about the previous kitchen ad, it’s from the same ‘Diane’ range. I do like kitchens actually, focal point of the home, warmth and nourishment. That’s so cool you got to see Concorde close up and inside too! As a very young boy I saw Concorde fly over – we heard it first – then what a sight with its unique shape, was like seeing a space ship in my young mind back then.

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      • I did get to inspect Concorde close up but I also saw her in the air too. I was on a day trip to LEGOLAND Windsor which is just next door to Heathrow and as I was leaving Concorde flew over as it came in to land.. Where I was stood and the angle of approach meant it flew straight over me (it was just like the opening scene of Star Wars, very similar to your description). Couldn’t get a picture as I’d used all the film in my camera in LEGOLAND 😦

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