Streets of Rage Perfect Soundtrack by Yuzo Koshiro

Streets of Rage Perfect Soundtrack by Yuzo Koshiro. Licensed by Sega. Wayo Records. 2017.

Streets of Rage is a classic ‘beat ’em up’ video game developed and published by Sega in 1991. The acclaimed soundtrack for the game was composed by Yuzo Koshiro who was hugely influenced by electronic dance music, in particular techno and house music of the early 90s which had yet to make its breakthrough in his native Japan. Koshiro hoped that the soundtrack would have appeal to the Western gaming market.

Streets of Rage Perfect Soundtrack by Yuzo Koshiro is a CD soundtrack reprint that came with the November 2017 French Wootbox subscription. The CD contains all of the game’s compositions as well as unreleased tracks by Koshiro that never made it into the finished game. The CD comes with delicious artwork across a more than impressive six page gate fold sleeve. As for the songs… I’ve had this thing on repeat all afternoon and still can’t get enough. If sharp, punchy, catchy, groovy 90s electronica for action games is your bag then this is the soundtrack for you. 

Words from Yuzo …

The November 2017 Wootbox container ‘Fighting’ theme.

And finally, my 1991 Streets of Rage advert … 

Groo. 1991. US. Sega Streets of Rage.

14 thoughts on “Streets of Rage Perfect Soundtrack by Yuzo Koshiro

  1. Yes! I love Yuzo Koshiro’s work so much, especially the Shenmue soundtrack. It is a terrible shame that Sega are a shadow of their former selves, they once were my absolute favourite gaming company. Great post as ever my friend.

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  2. What a classic this was – oh the frustration of accidentally pressing A and wasting your special attack on a single lowly enemy…

    Epic soundtrack, too. I love how that boss theme kicks in – SO brooding and ominous! I think my favourite of the lot (if I had to choose) would be ‘The Last Soul’ – I only discovered it a couple of years back, as it was the first time I’d actually managed to get that far! Now it seems I can’t stop listening, so thanks for that 🙂

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    • Agree it’s an epic soundtrack. ‘Attack the Barbarian’ gets me every time. I like the drums and percussion on ‘The Last Soul’ and also on ‘Stealthy Steps’. ‘Dilapidated Town’ keeps putting me in the mood of the Beastie Boys when they get mellow and funky.

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