Knights of the Zodiac – a milestone ad

TVTA is pleased to publish its 2000th vintage advert – Knights of the Zodiac, or as the title of this 1990 Italian advert translates I Cavalieri Dello Zodiaco. Knights of the Zodiac was a Japanese manga series entitled Saint Seiya, written and illustrated by Masami Kurumada and serialised between 1985 and 1990. It was also adapted into an anime TV series and feature films. Other merchandise included video games, CDs, and a Bandai-produced toy line.

I Cavalieri Dello Zodiaco. 1990. Italy.

10 thoughts on “Knights of the Zodiac – a milestone ad

  1. Hi. Many thanks for the correction. I’ve updated my post to reflect this. Thanks also for the follow. I checked out your blog and followed too. I’ve been collecting a few Steiff adverts lately to make a post hopefully soon. I still have my childhood bear made by UK company Farnell. My most recent plush was a gift of a Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot with removable helmet 🙂 Thanks again.


      • My mistake, usually when bloggers announce a numbers based milestone it is their post count they are referring to. I have been practicing reading Aurabesh text (the Star Wars font type seen in movies and cartoons) and flicking between Earth text and Aurabesh can be confusing at times!

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  2. Extremely well done!!
    Although I humbly think that the milestone number is not just a quantity measure but a representation of quality; I’m talking about maintaining that fire inside alive, in order to do so.

    And that accomplishment is a milestone indeed.

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