Micro Machines

Produced by Galoob in 1987 and currently owned by Hasbro, Micro Machines are a line of miniature scale vehicles and play sets. As well as producing their own vehicles the line held licenses for well-known TV and film franchises such as Star Trek, Star Wars, James Bond, Power Rangers and MIB, as well as producing a series of Rockin’ Wheels sets that featured the touring vehicles of famous bands such as AC/DC, Deep Purple and others. The images below are taken from the 1992 Galoob trade catalogue. Click pics to go bigger.

Micro Machines. Galoob trade catalogue. 1992. US.

64000 Collections. Micro Machines Vehicles; Adventures; X-Rays; Neon Beach; Superbikes; Drivers; Reflectors; Super Sparklers; Classy Chromers

Super Monsters


Stock Car Superstars

4×4 Crushers

Shake & Sniff

Roll Down Showdown; Tuff Trax; Motor Muncher; Super van City; Race-In-A-Case; Cyclone City

Military sets

Super Carriers

Hiways and Byways

City Scenes and Rollin’ Raceways

Images from other sources:

Micro Machines Power Rangers Mega Battle Collector’s Set

Ets de Neuter. 1995. France.

Micro-Machines Star Wars

Star Wars Trilogy Special Offers Catalogue. UK. 1997.

Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition Offers Catalogue. UK. 1997.

Micro-Machines 1988, Dutch catalogue ad

Speelboom N°5. 1988. Netherlands.

Thanks for getting all miniature with us. Look out for TVTA’s next post in which we celebrate with our two-thousandth published paperwork advert!  🙂

Post updated September 2018 with new images.

5 thoughts on “Micro Machines

  1. I never knew Micro Machines had such a large range of playsets. I knew there were a lot of individual vehicles but not race tracks. One thing that caught my attention, as a fan of aviation, I noticed the two aeroplanes in the top left corner of the page are actually based on Boeing C-17 Cargomaster (formally McDonnell Douglas) aircraft. I have seen a real, life-sized version of the plane and they’re huge so I wonder how many Micro Machine models would fit inside?

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    • Yes, the Carriers range is a cool idea. The Motor Muncher is good too in the way it can scoop up, store and launch vehicles. I also like the military range they have – that Wolf Ridge Battleground play set is awesome. Then you have the ‘Shake and Sniff’ trucks… mmm Bazooka bubblegum and Mabel’s choc chip cookies!

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      • I imagine parents around the world loved the Motor Muncher, as it would make picking up and collecting all the Micros much easier when the kids had finished playing. Most of my Micro Machines were on my Sega Game Gear handheld games console so I didn’t have to tidy up afterwards! (Yes I’m old-school and had a Game Gear – and the TV tuner adapter ;D )

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    • Ah the Mega Drive, happy memories of Mickey Mouse Castle of Illusion and Altered Beast… I’m also surprised at the MM product range. It took me a good few hours to scan and edit all those pages – and that’s from just one catalogue. I’d love to see how the product range changed after this one.


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