Dino Riders

Dino-Riders was a VHS and TV series animated show that ran between 1987 and 1988 with an additional special feature in 1990. The storyline concentrated on the war between the time-travelling Valorian and Rulon factions, and their relationship with and employment of prehistoric dinosaurs as weapons/vehicles.

A toyline was created in the US by Tyco featuring both the humanoid and dinosaur characters. The dinosaurs were so highly regarded for their detailed sculpts and colour that the famous Smithsonian Institution approached Tyco to reproduce adapted versions for their “Dinosaur and other Prehistoric Reptile Collection”. The following two adverts are from France and Italy.

France. Cora catalogue. 1988.

Italy. 1990.


4 thoughts on “Dino Riders

  1. What a cool series of toys…. It seems the old nd the new get intertwined. An interesting SciFi approach maybe?…. Toast to the creators of these toys. Very cool, indeed. Love & best wishes! 😀 ❤

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    • Hiya. Yes, a really neat time travel concept how beings from the future could either befriend or abuse creatures from the past. And also a cool story how the Smithsonian Institution had the dinosaurs re-imagined for a new line of toys. Love and best wishes back X

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  2. OH MY GOSH I LOVED DINO-RIDERS!!!!!! I had some of these toys when I was a kid and they were some of my favorites. I used to play with them alllllll the time! I even remember making those little mind control helmet things the bad guys used out of tinfoil to apply to some of my other dinosaur toys when I needed to add to their army. Honestly, just seeing these two ads makes me want to play with Dino-Riders. They were the best!

    I wonder if the show is on Netflix…

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