Toy Time Ad Break

Welcome to a special ‘Never Mind The Adverts Here Are The Toys’ in which TVTA grabs a few goodies from the toy box and attempts to match them up with their advert counterparts. Modern and vintage, anything goes today! Thanks for looking  🙂

Ecto 1. Wootbox exclusive. 2018.

US. Tales of the Teen Titans. 1985.

Pez dispensers.

Secrets of Haunted House. 1981. US.

Corgi Juniors Superman.

US. Weird War Tales. 1979.

Takara transforming X-Wing Fighter. 1978. Japan.

Takara X-Wings. Collectable postcard. Star Wars The Toys Chronicle Books. 1995.

The shootout. Photo TVTA.

Kenner X-Wing and figures. Collectable postcard. Star Wars The Toys Chronicle Books. 1995.

Various figures and accessories from vintage Playmobil indian sets.

Denmark. 1983. Image supplied by Jaltesorensen.

2000 AD Mega Heroes figures

UK. Eagle. 1983.

Slaine. 2000 AD Re-Action figure.

2000 AD Sci-Fi Special 1996.

18 thoughts on “Toy Time Ad Break

  1. Nice selection… I still have Playmobils from when my brother and I were kids… I noticed the new Playmobils are totally different. The first, old versions were far better. Thanks for sharing!. Best of luck ❤

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  2. You are an artist sir, don’t mind those who say otherwise.
    Cause what is art if not the ability to converse with our inner selves?
    And that’s what you are achieving.
    ( I haven’t forgot what I’ve promised you, I still haven’t had the op to do it)

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  3. Hi TVTA, another Kenner X-Wing owner reporting for duty! I had this one too and it came with the regular orange squadron decals but also a set of vinyl semi-transparent stickers that had battle damage details on. You could stick these over the normal decals and make it look like your X-Wing was damaged but I wish I hadn’t done it to mine as when applied they didn’t look as good as they should 😦

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    • Yes, the battle damaged version which came at the beginning of the ESB line. I’ve had both versions in my time along with the European non electronic and the US electronic sound and light, and also a Euro grey version and a Brazilian Glasslite grey/silver. The X-Wing truly is an iconic toy as it was among the first three vehicles released by Kenner with the TIE Fighter and Landspeeder.

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  4. Amazing! I had one of those Corgi Superman vehicles! I got it from a stall at the Barrowlands that used to sell a range of Star Wars, Star Trek, and comic book stuff. I also had an X-Wing (Kenner variety) which I may well have got from the same place.

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