Rahan – French Prehistoric Comic Book Hero

Rahan is a fictional lone-warrior who wanders prehistorical earth on a journey of self-discovery and to help others. He made his first appearance in February 1969 in the French comic book Pif Gadget then later went on to feature in his own albums. Such was the character’s popularity in France that an action figure was licensed by Group Action Joe (the French version of G.I. Joe / Action Man).

Pif Gadget gave away a number of Rahan toys as ‘gadgets’ in some of their issues, and Rahan was adapted into two animated TV series (1986 and 2006). The character was created by the writer Roger Lécureux and illustrator André Chéret (with later artwork by Spanish illustrator Romero). After the death of Lécureux, his son Jean-François Lécureux, took over as writer.

Rahan. Au Pays de L’etrange. Pif Gadget 593. 1980.

Rahan N°24. Pif Gadget. 1981.

Rahan N°25. Pif Gadget N°668. 1982.

Rahan N°26. Pif Gadget. 1982.

Rahan N°29. Pif Gadget. 1982.

Rahan. Pif Gadget N°793. 1983.

Rahan. Le Lance Filet De Rahan gadget. Pif Gadget 407. 1977.

Rahan Group Action Joe

Pif Gadget comic character, Rahan, gets his own action figure courtesy of Group Action Joe – the French version of Action Man! PIf Gadget. 1978.

Rahan from Group Action Joe. Pif Gadget. 1978.

Attention! If you read Rahan beware of Arok the Sorcerer!

Arok le sorcier et Rahan. Pif Gadget N°849. 1985.

Giant Rahan poster alert!

Un Poster grand comme Rahan. Dans Rahan 21. Pif Gadget 407. 1977.

Thanks for looking 🙂

Post updated Dec 2022 with new images.

17 thoughts on “Rahan – French Prehistoric Comic Book Hero

    • I was readng an article about all the Tarzan type comic book characters that have existed over years – dozens and dozens of them I was surprised. The one thing that makes Rahan stand out is that his setting is prehistory rather than jungle or scifi fantasy. Yes, some of those toy gadgets are cool like the skeleton and the skull ring 🙂

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  1. Hello TVTA and Wooof, another interesting toy range and post. However, I am here for a different reason. I have been honoured with a Liebster Award and as part of the trend I am nominating you and your site for the award also. If you would like to take part then the questions, rules and other details can be found on my acceptance post. You can use the following link to navigate to the post:


    Thanks again for bringing back so many great childhood memories (and some big kid ones too) and keep up the great work!

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      • You are both welcome, I just love looking back at these great catalogues and promotional materials and felt you deserved some attention. I wasn’t sure if you do the Award thing but nominated you anyway!
        (And I just checked out 1983 Airfix catalogue pictures…I had that book, it contained instructions on how to do Dry Brushing and easy application of decals. Brilliant!)

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      • I love those Airfix catalogues, the Scalextric ones too, they’re really well produced with good photographs. I don’t participate in the awards but am always appreciative when someone thinks of my site like that, and I sometimes enjoy reading the posts when nominees have to answer questions. Some are so tough!

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      • No problem, I did see your “Net Neutrality” and “Keep the Internet Weird” logos in your sidebar but wasn’t sure about Award programs!
        I really liked the fact that Airfix took the time to “set-up” the product images with dioramas, plus they did share the tricks of the trade to make your models look great. I had the R2-D2 and C3PO scale models and the Dry Brush technique I mentioned worked great for painting “oil stains” around their joints. Thanks again.

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