Non-toy ad Tuesday – Valentine Office Cats

St. Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and it’s right about now Wooof starts receiving in the post more ‘Valentine’ mail than we do adverts and catalogues combined. Honestly, this morning when I arrived at the front door of TVTA Towers I nearly broke an ankle tripping over Wooof’s fan mail. Not that I’m jealous or anything. The last time I received a Valentine card was when I time travelled all the way back to the Romantic Era to pick up a fine tapestry made for me by a most charming and aspiring poet. The tapestry weighed a ton, and sadly it disintegrated upon re-entry to the 21st Century. But it’s the thought that counts.

Wooof asked me to post up some items from his ‘cat collection’ before he departed for three days of Valentine pampering at the Kool Kitty Jazz Spa in town.

Here you go cat lovers… miaou… miaou .!

Theophile Alexandre Steinlen. Collection du Chat Noir. 1898.

Quinquina Dubonnet. Jules Cheret. 1896.

Une Vie De Chat / A Cat’s Life (A cat in Paris). Japan. 2012.

Une Vie De Chat (reverse)

The Celtic Animal Oracle. Franklin and Mason. 2003. Vega.

Lisette. 1946. France.

Cat Fancy. Feb 2015.

Cat Fancy. Feb 2015.

Les Aventuriers du Micromonde. Pif Gadget. 1982.

Sunday Pictorial. 1926. UK.

Film Review. 1979. UK.

9 thoughts on “Non-toy ad Tuesday – Valentine Office Cats

  1. Hello TVTA and Wooof, the picture of Le vie de Chat reminds me of Simba overlooking his kingdom from the rock outcrop in “Le Roi Lion” (see what I did there? I’m continuing to learn a new language!)
    Anyway if it makes you all feel better, last year I got a Valentine’s card from an anonymous admirer, the only problem was I recognised my own handwriting! 😀 !

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  2. Mon amie, these are some wonderful cat collections. I certainly love the poster artworks and the toys are divine. I have a copy of le chat noir poster and Studio Ghibli’s – The Cat Returns aswell as seeing A Cat In Paris which I loved. Heres to a heart warming Valentine whatever the heart may bring.

    Sincerely Sonea

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      • Oh yes, that is also a lovely film that marries the two in a way. And then there is the cat in Kiki’s Delievery Service. Valentines can easily be seen as losing your heart in such marvellous movies, as I like to do when alone.

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      • Yes, you’re right, Kiki’s Delivery Service is another good one. There is also the fantastic Catbus cat in My Neighbour Totoro, my favourite Ghibli film – though it’s not always easy to pick a Ghibli fave as most of them are such fine films.

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  3. I have a print of Tournee du Chat Noir–I bought it because I have a black cat. Could you tell me a little bit more about it? Was there a series of prints? What it simply art, or did it serve another purpose?

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    • ‘The Black Cat’ was an entertainment club in Montmartre in late 19th Century Paris, hosting music, caberet and other performance arts like Shadow Play. Steinlein, the designer of the actual cat you see on artwork, produced a series of poster and magazines covers advertising the events. Rodolphe Salis was the owner of the club. I love the Black Cat image because of its association with Montmartre and the arts, and also coz it reminds me of Wooof 🙂

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