Two poems


Among Us

You told us once about reptiles and amphibians

The symbolism, intent, double-meanings

Their hunger

A prince’s pursed lips, a fairytale wish

You said stay away from forests, castles and New York sewers

Warned us of bacterial bites from Komodo Dragons

To not keep snakes or entertain Bearded Dragons

Are you a witch? We asked

No, you said, but was once poisoned by hand cream and oranges

Contaminated beans on toast and energy drinks

Offered by men and women in alligator skins

Who had power to turn poetry into horror in a single day

You said it made you puke when you read in the news

Of that three-headed, six-legged frog found in a school swimming pool

Would make a great pet, someone said

No, said you, it is us who will make great pets for them

See, how they will try to improve us

Stare into our dark places where we hide our shame and guilty secrets

How they devour our sad stories, our dark fairytales

How they leech on our desires

Don’t. Ever. Trust. Them. Is what you say

Beware of them hiding under stones and rocks

Lurking in the grass or under damp logs

Camouflaged in trees or submerged in bogs

And as for the forests and castles and the New York sewers…

Some fairytales are best put to bed

You told us you used to think exploding frogs

Blown-up by straws was extremely cruel

Now you tell us it’s extremely cool.


A Deadly Stream

Three days and nights of relentless rain

That came in sheets as hard as nails from four directions and a granite sky

Accompanied by that lunatic Mistral which owned the streets and ripped off tiles

Toppled fences and sent wheelie bins spinning like defective Daleks

Wisely, most trees bent the knee to the staggering onslaught

Those more republican were swiftly uprooted

Came crashing down like dissident ogres and defeated giants

Coudon offered up its slopes to the charging water

That rushed from the mountain in anticipation of the sea

A delegation bearing gifts of fag ends, soft drink cans

McDonald’s packaging, palm leaves and plastic bags

An armada of debris and detritus offered to the Med.


It was on the news

The campus resembled a lagoon

The stream that parted it no longer visible

She went under at around four O’clock, and he jumped in to save her

Witnesses said both were gone in seconds

Forced through a culvert no bigger than the door of an industrial washing machine

Propelled through the concrete tube built beneath the main road

By town planners who believed that this was the best way to control water

When you wanted cars to travel across it


A year passes

Remembrances for the two dead students

The mayor erects fences along both sides of the stream that cuts through the Uni

Commissions signs written in French and English that warn:


Town planners nod sagely in warm offices

Once again believing they have the measure of water.

Words and photos by the editor

8 thoughts on “Two poems

    1. The Vintage Toy Advertiser Post author

      Thanks J. I’ve been lucky to get my poems published over the years but what I like about a blog is that you can self publish as you please – and add pics or any other media you like. In the late 80s early 90s the singer of our band and I made our own poetry booklet which we intended to leave in libraries and shops. We printed out our poems on an old word processor that weighed a ton then stapled it all together, drew our own covers and used rub down lettrasets for the logo. Proper DIY and very labour intensive. Much easier these days 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. J.

        For sure, yeah – things these days are so much easier. The blog really does allow you to reach so many people pretty much instantly… you have complete freedom and there’s no pressure on when you do something… and you can change it up!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. For Tyeth

    Hi TVTA, wow, another string to your bow of talents! I can easily imagine a Deadly Stream, especially with the type of weather we have experienced recently.
    And regarding your publishing efforts, I remember Lettraset, there was a dealership shop around the corner from my house as a kid. I was sometimes lucky to get a cheap bargain in the shape of damaged packs of letters. Thankfully Desktop Publishing has come a long way since then. (But I do miss my Dyno vinyl label printer 😉 )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Vintage Toy Advertiser Post author

      Thanks FT. Yes, the Dyno label printers looked good. Do you remember those little hand printers that came in thin red or blue strips? They only printed words, then you peeled the back off and stuck them onto metal filing cabinets and such. I think they had a kind of embossed look to them once printed.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. For Tyeth

        Hi TVTA, yes they were the ones I was referring to. There was version that had a wheel you could rotate to select individual letters/characters then squeeze the mechanism to emboss the letter into the vinyl tape (which had adhesive on the back). They were also great for making name badges with.

        Liked by 1 person


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