WCW action figures

Ladies and gentlemen, WordPress promotions in association with Freshly Pressed Premium Cat Food Accounts only, are proud to present, all the way from 1992, Galoob’s World Wrestling Championship action figures and Sound Slammin’ Action Ring playset! Woop! Yeahhrrr!

“RARRRR! TVTA is comin’ atcha! Grrurrrghhhh! An’ this time we ain’t foolin’ around an’ no way we’re lettin’ them low-down vintage ad browser boys beat us and cheat us like they did last time!! So better hold on to your pants coz TVTA’s gonna be whippin’ that VTWWC¹ belt right offa your skinny hips… Weee-doggie!!!² An’ there ain’t gonna be no stinkin’ cheatin’ Google referees to place us below you in the search engine rankings this time! Grarrrrrrr! We’s mean, and keen, and goin’ up to eleven on our time machine! We’s tough, rough, got an office cat called Wooof, and you better mark our words when we say TVTA is gonna lay this thing down right now! Yeah!! Bring it on!!”

US. Galoob trade catalogue. 1992.

US. Galoob trade catalogue. 1992.

US. Galoob trade catalogue. 1992.

US. Galoob trade catalogue. 1992.

Thank you for Hay-making, Half-Nelsoning, and Boston-Crabbing with us on a Saturday teatime with Dickie Davies  🙂

Footstool notes:

  1. Vintage Toy World Wrestling Championship
  2. Thanks Mean Machine, you would have made an excellent pro-wrestler if it hadn’t been for that pesky Judge Dredd
TVTA apologies for its poor imitation of 1990s pre-match wrestling threats. Wooof ate far too many cat energy biscuits while reading his latest copy of The Cat Fanciers Furball Monthly while at the same time keeping one eye on a failed weekend binge of WCW on VHS. Normal service will be resumed as soon as we clean up the mess, rewind the tapes, and get back from Blockbusters.


11 thoughts on “WCW action figures

  1. My brother had a few of these when we were younger. I always thought they were a bit cheap compared to the WWF figures cause they didn’t move and that made them kinda pointless for me…

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  2. 1-2-3 We have a winner!! TVTA Wins! TVTA Wins! Great post man, this one made ma knees knock and ma liver quiver, if you wiilll! (Sorry, that was a poor attempt at a Dusty Rhodes impression!) I still own a few WCW figures (yes even now) including the Icon Sting! The figures I mentioned on another thread may have been just regular action figures but were made of a rubberised bendable plastic as opposed to fully articulated versions, but I’m glad you found adverts for these…they bring back great memories of Monday Night Nitro and the craziness of sports entertainment. Thank you, the Tag Team Advert Champions of the World!!!! TVTA and WOOOF!!

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  3. These are great. I think I’d set out for the Arn Anderson and Rick Steiner/Dogface Gremlin (lol) ones! I was a WWF boy, so only really know of their figures. Their figures at this time were more cartoony but I think they had a similar ring set.

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