Rockin’ Wheels by Micro Machines

How cool are these Micro Machines official band tour vehicles! AC/DC, Deep Purple, Mötley Crüe, Cinderella … all logo’d up and ready to rock ‘n roll! 

There was also a Whitesnake set released, but this is not shown on the 1992 Galoob catalogue pages I scanned. As for the other bands in the line… never heard of them.

Galoob trade catalogue. 1992.

Galoob catalogue. 1992. For some reason the “Cruisin’ Cowboys” vehicles have “Cadillac Cowboys” as their logo.

13 thoughts on “Rockin’ Wheels by Micro Machines

  1. I own all of these sets after many years of searching. I was able to purchase prototypes from an ex-employee of Galoob luckily. The rarest 2 are Cinderella and Whitesnake. My sets are both pre-production sealed samples. I was able to find production sets of Motley Crue, Deep Purple, and ACDC over the years too. In my experience, ACDC is the easiest to find of the rare real bands, but still tough. For actual production, only 1 set of loose vehicles from Whitesnake is known. And only a trailer from Cinderella is known. Both were from error sets originally. I also own a Billy Idol prototype set and a prototype card from Poison.

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    • Many thanks for adding the info, and that’s brilliant you have some prototype examples. Interesting that they were thinking of making Billy Idol and Poison sets. The line definitely has its quirks and mystique – even down to one of the ‘invented’ bands with logo examples seen as either “Cadillac Cowboys” or “Cruisin’ Cowboys”.


  2. I loved micro machines but I don’t remember these. I hadn’t heard of some of these other “bands” either. I had to look into them. As far as I can see they were fake bands created for the toy line.
    Maybe they didn’t have enough licenses to make the line cost efficient or maybe they had some bands pull their licenses at the last minute?
    Anyways, great scans as usual my friend!

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  3. Hi TVTA, I knew about Micro Machines (I even had a copy of the computer game on my Sega Game Gear!) but I never saw these models. I would have liked them to have made an Iron Maiden themed set had I known about the range!

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      • Hi TVTA, I suggested Iron Maiden as I know Bruce Dickinson, their lead singer is also a qualified airline pilot who flies the band’s plane called “Ed Force One” when on tour. The plane is usually painted in a matching tour paint scheme and I could just imagine the Micro Machine Maiden tour bus with a replica of the aircraft. But alas it’s just a dream! LOL

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      • It’s a brilliant idea FT! To be honest they should just make a Bruce Dickinson Enterprises toyline fullstop… He’s an airline pilot (as you said), singer and songwriter, author, TV presenter, and even a successful beer maker with his ‘Trooper Ale’ line of beers.

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      • I know, don’t you just love/hate guys like that?! XD No to be honest the deserves it all, the amount of work and effort he puts in. You’ve made me feel thirsty now mentioning Trooper Ale, I could just drink another one (which is very nice BTW I’ve tried it!)

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