Chirashi: Blade Runner, Watchmen, 300, Atomic Blonde, Elle

Latest additions to the Japanese chirashi run.

Blade Runner The Final Cut



Atomic Blonde



5 thoughts on “Chirashi: Blade Runner, Watchmen, 300, Atomic Blonde, Elle

    • Hi FT, I get all my chirashi from Japan. Most are very cheap and usually if you order ten or so the postage is only the price of one. They’re very addictive to collect. As well as two folders full of them, I have three Star Wars ones in clip frames on my wall. They look the business framed like that. I’ll try post some pics of them next time I do a Chirashi post.
      That’s great you did some Blade Runner hilts! Will go check them out.

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      • Thanks TVTA, that would be much appreciated. I can’t afford to go to the cinema regularly but I may be able to afford a Chirashi or two now and again! I’ll look into that, thanks once more.

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