Doctor Who latest ads and the Dalek Supreme!

Vrooop! Vreep! Christmas is coming! And one of the many things the season always brings us is the Doctor Who Christmas special. Trailers for it can be seen here and here. TVTA gets into the festive mood with a selection of vintage Doctor Who ads, and a long overdue toy entry for the Dalek Supreme, from the 2010 Paradigm set released by Character Options.

Finally Daleks Strategist, Scientist, The Eternal, and Drone are no longer leaderless!

The Paradigm featured in the 2010 5th series episode Victory of the Daleks. Writer Mark Gatiss wanted the Daleks to be bigger than those previously seen, with bright colours inspired by the Peter Cushing Doctor Who movies of the 1960s. UK toy license holder Character Options released all five individually throughout 2010.

It’s worth pointing out another interesting Dalek design in the episode Victory of the Daleks, and that is the WWII ‘Ironsides’ employed by Winston Churchill. The Character Options release of this figure is one of my all time favourite Daleks.

And now, in vintage Doctor Who news…

The following ads just in…

US. Starlog. 1984.

UK. Doctor Who Weekly. 1980.

UK. Doctor Who Weekly. 1980.

UK. Starburst. 1989.

UK. Starburst. 1988.

UK. Starburst. 1987.

Thank you for hiding behind the sofa with us πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Doctor Who latest ads and the Dalek Supreme!

  1. I am loving the Churchill inspired “Ironsides”. That khaki brown colour just fits perfectly, but I’m still slightly puzzled how the Dalek was meant to use their webbing pouches! And unfortunately my only “claim to fame” link to Daleks and Dr Who is the fact I have met Sophie Aldred, who played Ace, and I’m not sure Ace liked Daleks much!

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    • I think I read that the pouches were more for the use of soldiers in the field to help themselves to when needed, rather than the Daleks. That would make sense, the Dalek being a sort of mobile supplies point I guess. And yes, I’m still jealous that you got to meet Sophie Aldred πŸ™‚

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      • You’re right I believe there was a scene in the episode of Dr Who where the Daleks were rolling up and down the trenches past the troops. I just thought it was strange as it would take two Daleks to use the pouches themselves!

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  2. Love these ads! The Dalek Paradigm are nice toys as well, the bright colors are fun, they remind me of the Daleks in the old Dalek movies. I always wondered what the Dalek Eternals job was? Wonderful Doctor Who ads for the Dr Who records, jewlery, and videos! Those were the days! πŸ™‚

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    • Thanks Paul, yes those were the days indeed πŸ™‚ The Eternal dalek is a bit if a mystery. I found this info from: Doctor Who Confidential revealed that the name of this Dalek was provided by Steven Moffat in a “naming session” with Mark Gatiss. Neither came up with a meaning for the name, but Moffat opened in Confidential that he thought that the functionality of the Eternal would one day become critical to a story. The Dalek Handbook quotes Gatiss as saying “its exact function is a total mystery, but it’s probably something to do with the Progenitor device and the continuation of the race.”
      In the link there are some other interesting ideas on The Eternal.

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