Non-toy ad Tuesday: music and meetings

Wooof and I just got back from the International Retro Editor & Cat Conference in Oslo. Ha, what a bunch of losers those editors and cats are! Just look at this photo we took –

Oh… wait, what’s that Wooof? You mean that photo is actually us … at the TVTA editorial staff meeting from last November? Wow, we look so strung out. Must get vitamins and haircuts!

So, Wooof, remind me, what is the subject of our latest Non-toy ad Tuesday article?

That’s right, it’s music!

We’ll be looking at French goodies such as a 1983 cover of Rock & BD magazine … a prize competition to put words into James Brown’s mouth! … adverts for the Body Rap, Miles Davis, U2 … and there’s also some Danish treats with Mr Music cassettes, Ga-jol throat lozenges, and a 1969 Disney competition to win a Philips stereo!

Enjoy, while we go get a haircut and straighten out!

France. Rock & BD Associated. 1983.

Polydor and Rigolo magazine prize competition to win James Brown album reissues. Question 2 asks you to imagine the Godfather of soul’s reaction when faced with these magnificent Polydor reissues! France. Rigolo. 1983.

France. Cora. 1988.

France. Rock & BD Associated. 1983.

France. Rock & BD Associated. 1983.

France. Rigolo. 1983.

Denmark. 1988.

Denmark. 1988.

Denmark. 1988.

Denmark. 1969.

See you again soon for another Non-toy ad Tuesday!


5 thoughts on “Non-toy ad Tuesday: music and meetings

  1. Hello TVTA (and Wooof!” Argh! Please not Body Rap. I recall when I was younger a friend of mine had one of those toys and tried to get me to try it out. I politely declined as I’m a keyboard (clavier electronique) player and not a drummer. However one company did make a set of drum sticks that had electronic sounds built in and you played them like an “Air Guitar” by waving the sticks through the air. Oh the great stuff from the 80’s! Thanks.

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    • Hi Tyeth, and a meow from Wooof. Lol about the Body Rap… pure 80s cheese, I love stuff like that! And those electronic drumsticks sound great. On the subject of keyboards I seem to remember the Bontempi was a popular 70s/80s home model, then lots and lots of Casios throughout the 80s, and Yamaha home keyboards through the 90s.

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      • Yes Bontempi were the Rolls Royce of home keyboards in the 70’s. They were very heavy and built into their own suitcase style carry cases with legs stored in the lid. With the explosion of development in electronics during the 80’s Casio and Yamaha shared the market, were much more portable (i.e. lightweight!) and sounded much more realistic. Nowadays the tech is astounding what you can do.

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