G.I. Joe 1986 Catalogue

Hasbro’s awesome line of G.I. Joe 3.75 inch action figures, vehicles and playsets as seen in this 1986 mini catalogue. Click images to enlarge.

18 thoughts on “G.I. Joe 1986 Catalogue

    • Thanks Purplestone! I’m just archiving as many vintage images as I can. G.I. Joe was really popular when I grew up in the UK, but it was known as ‘Action Man’ and later ‘Action Force’.
      Really cool toys back then. Four kids? I bet you had lots of Lego in your household? And Star Wars toys?


  1. Hi TVTA, I don’t know if it affected you but I had to log in using a Two Step process today (type out my user name then press enter, after which the password entry box became active. I then entered my password and pressed enter a second time to log in. So I think WP have been tweaking the whole platform not just the Likes system.)

    Back to G.I. Joe, and I owned the A.W.E. Striker, the Cobra Hiss Tank and a lot of the figures (the best of which was Snake Eyes and his Timber wolf!)
    And again I have designed a few lightsaber hilts based on G.I. Joe characters and if you’re interested you can see them using this link:

    Thanks again for bringing back some good memories!

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    • Hi Tyeth. It’s ok logging in, but lots of other weird things going on with WP which I keep having to work around. Used to be able to comment, like, etc while on your own page, now can only do that in an admin panel. WP are always changing things and not always for the best.

      Back to Joe, I envy all you people who had this line because they’re such cool figures and accessories. In the UK it was Action Force which was also very cool.
      I will check out the link you sent for the Joe sabers, thanks!

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