Die-cast elegance from Eligor

Presenting catalogue scans from the French model car manufacturer Eligor.

In the 1970s Eligor specialised in small 1:43 scale models of past and present vehicles found in Europe, Britain and America. The range was produced with the more adult collector in mind, and noteworthy is the dedication to working vehicles featuring the liveries of many well known brands.


Out demon, out!

In occult circles, the name Eligor belongs to a powerful demon, so why the company chose this as their name is anyone’s guess. The catalogue I acquired is elegantly presented with a gold and black cover depicting the Eligor ‘Pac-man’ style logo with an extended hand holding out a toy car.


The pages found inside are packed with beautiful drawings from the artists employed as product illustrators, with only a handful of vehicles represented by actual photos. The artists not only had to capture the look of the vehicle but had to replicate a multitude of brand logos.

Below are the page scans. How many company brands can you recognise?


Limos, taxis, fire engines, police cars, sports cars and more!

There is no date printed inside the catalogue. Based on online images I found of some of the featured models in their packaging, I estimate the catalogue was published in 1982.

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Thankyou for die-cast driving with us ๐Ÿ™‚

16 thoughts on “Die-cast elegance from Eligor

  1. Hi TVTA, they don’t make catalogues like these anymore! I particularly like the sports car/racing/rally models. It was nice to see a Citroen DS modelled too, IIRC the real life cars were the first to use self levelling suspension and the headlights were mounted on swivel mechanisms connected to the steering. This meant as you turned the steering wheel the headlights also turned to point in the direction you wanted to go!

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      • Well, your uncle-in-law had good taste and an appreciation for classics! Regarding the name of the toy manufacturer, wasn’t there a company called Diablo that produced die-cast replicas, so maybe they chose Eligor as a similar but not exact copy of the name?

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      • Yes, I just had a quick look online myself. I have this nagging thought that I have seen that brand name and it’s logo, where the name has a devil’s tail incorporated into the font face. I will continue looking and let you know my findings! (p.s. I did find a lot of Lamborghini Diablo models listed too, mostly built by Maisto)

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