Halloween countdown: 3

Question: When is the Doctor not the Doctor? Answer: When he’s a werelok!

Part 3 of 5. Introducing a selection of panels and the cover of Doctor Who Weekly, 7th May, 1980, Dogs of Doom by Pat Mills, John Wagner and Dave Gibbons.

1980 advert for the story The Dogs of Doom.

UK. TESB Weekly. 1980.

Thanks for time travelling with us! Look out for Halloween countdown number 2 coming soon…

7 thoughts on “Halloween countdown: 3

  1. Hello TVTA, I don’t recall these comics, though I do remember the magazines published much later. They do bring up a question, and it is, are these classed as Canon material? I know that in the Star Wars universe Dark Horse Comics produced many stories which Disney/LucasFilm now disregard (and call Legend material) so I wonder how the BBC television company view these comics/stories. (I won’t even start talking about whether Peter Cushing’s film portrayal of the Doctor is Canon or not!)

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