1984 Airfix catalogue UK

This 1984 UK catalogue for the famous Airfix brand features model-making kits for Star Wars, Dukes of Hazzard, Knight Rider and Fall Guy, as well as vehicle sets, birds, dinosaurs, skeletons, the Red Arrows display team and other cool kits!

This high-quality catalogue aimed at the UK market is packed with wonderful colourful photographs and retailed at £1.45.

Click pics to go bigger.

Airfix catalogue. 1984. UK. Front cover.

Inside cover featuring Return of the Jedi Speeder Bike models against a neon style background of sprue and model parts – perhaps a nod towards the film Tron?

Dinosaurs and the ghoulish Airfix skeleton kit!

Head to head. 1984 Corvette vs Toyota Celica Supra car test.

Nature sets featuring wild birds, and a challenge for modellers with superior painting skills!

Classic ships.

Red Arrows.

Star Wars. The Rebels. Resist the dark forces of the galaxy!

Star Wars. Imperial Forces. Crush the rebellion!

Various Star Wars kits and some of the Airfix New for ’84 range.

Airfix Space and Airliners kits.

TV thrills! Dukes of Hazzard, Knight Rider and Fall Guy sets.

The Masterpiece Collection.

Military Tanks and Troops.

Military Aircraft.

Sea Power.

Classic Fighters.


You can also see scans from the 1983 Airfix catalogue, French edition here

Thanks for looking!

14 thoughts on “1984 Airfix catalogue UK

    • Hi Spira. I agree, catalogues are exciting! I’ve been steadily adding vintage cat entries to the site and always end up picking up modern Lego, Playmobil and toy shop cats whenever I’m out. They not only give a snapshot of all that was available in a particular year but often include the prices too. I also like clothing and footwear cats and def need to add more of these!

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  1. I could never do models. I wanted to! I had this awesome Millennium Falcon that only ever became a jumbled mess of glue, plastic, and broken dreams for me. I was always impressed with the potential of models and what they looked like in their finished product. But I never had the skills (or the patience, probably) to build them. I had to tag out with LEGOs as far as my construction toys went.

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    • Bet that Millenium Falcon was a big piece of kit to try and put together. I think like you I suffered a lack of patience to take up model building back then. I did manage a few planes and tanks that came out well. I preferred the toy soldiers that only needed paint if you wanted to, and some playsets for them that clipped together rather than any gluing needed.

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      • I remember opening the box and thinking, “I immediately regret this decision!” although the thought didn’t manifest in an ‘Anchorman’ quote exactly :). There was so much! As a kid who loved Star Wars and had a book filled with blueprints of all the ships I still didn’t know what half the stuff was. It was so overwhelming. I think it was on my desk for a month or two before just gave up.

        The toy soldiers might’ve been the way to go. I always did like coloring and painting so that probably would have been more my speed. Kudos to you on the planes and tanks! Clearly they are waaaay beyond me.

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      • For sure the Falcon has got to be one of the most challenging and time-consuming. The planes I built were really simple and had few parts to put together. The tanks were more difficult, especially the wheels and treads. I only made 2 as they were too fiddly and looked a bit wonky when complete.
        You mentioned Lego earlier and 3 of us adults took most of one Christmas day to help my son build the Ewok village 🙂 On the flipside it’s great to spend 30 minutes or so with a small Lego set. Instant feelgood.

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      • A LEGO Ewok village?!? WOW. That had to be an amazing Christmas! I love the little sets for LEGO but I’d also enjoy the larger sets. There was just something about the connecting of the blocks that made it easier for me than the cutting, gluing, painting, and general delicacy of models that never worked for me. Wonky final product or not, you still have my admiration for being able to finish any type of model!

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      • I remember, as a kid, we didn’t have “Star Wars” sets so my brother and I had to figure out how to build our versions of the Millennium Falcon or an X-Wing or a Star Destroyer out of the LEGOs we had. They never looked as polished as the professional ones do now but they were a lot of fun to create!

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  2. Fab! I remember reading catalogues like this, or looking through them in the toy shop. They had all the model kits upstairs, used to love choosing one and then all the little paint pots to paint them as well 🙂

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