Retro Gaming Galore!

Video games consoles, cartridges, hand-held games, computers and electronics – as featured in the 1983 Hamleys Christmas catalogue.

Warning: TVTA cannot be held responsible for any sensory overload you may encounter as you feast your eyes on 80s electronic heavy-hitters like Atari, Coleco Vision, Vectrex, Texas Instruments, Bandai, Philips, C.G.L., Parker carts, and classic games like Frogger, Q*bert, Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, Galaxy Invader, Snoopy Tennis, Pitfall!, River Raid, Space Invaders and more!


2 thoughts on “Retro Gaming Galore!

  1. Awesome retro games there! I had one of those KCGL mini LC screen games, mine was parachutes and you had to catch them in a boat or the sharks got them! It was great fun. Nothing beats retro games like these, I’m sure lots of people will have happy memories on reading this post 🙂

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