Some modern Doctor Who adverts

I was supposed to start scanning pics for a retro video game post meant for later today, but became temporarily distracted by these modern Doctor Who adverts. Despite the young age of the ads, and as with many things Who, the subject matter is often rooted in the show’s past and the previous incarnations of the Tardis-dwelling Time Lord from Gallifrey.

I’m kicking off this post with an enchanting photo of one of my top-five favourite Doctors Jon pertwee as used for a 2013 Big Finish ad. 

UK. Doctor Who Magazine. 2013.

Next up is a rare treat photo session featuring five Doctors on the cover of Doctor Who Magazine!

Six Doctors, if you count the cheeky appearance of Matt Smith in the top right corner  🙂

UK. Doctor Who Magazine. 2013.

UK. Doctor Who Magazine. 2013.

UK. SFX Magazine. 2015.

UK. Doctor Who Magazine. 2013.

UK. Doctor Who Magazine. 2013.

UK. SFX Magazine. 2013.

UK. SFX Magazine. 2015.

Character Options Doctor Who. Tomart’s Action Figure Digest N°143. 2006. US.

Airfix 2008 catalogue

Corgi toys, 2004

Thanks for looking 🙂

11 thoughts on “Some modern Doctor Who adverts

    • Thank you! My top five would include Christopher Ecclestone, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Matt Smith and David Tennant. But not in any order. I think all Doctors (maybe with the exception of 9 because he only did one series) are guilty of appearing in poor episodes as well as in utterly fantastic and amazing ones – not particularly their fault, sometimes the script just sucks or the production has become too dated and is creaky. Really, all the Doctors have had their fine moments, and one of the best things about the series for me is that it allows regenerations and the role to be reimagined. I really like what Capaldi has brought to the role but some of the stories given to him are so rushed it’s a pity.
      Is that about the longest answer I could have given lol.
      Please tell me who your favourite Doctor(s) is/are?

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      • That’s a great answer to a difficult question! What you said about script or budget/production problems is so true; the infamous “wobbly sets” and general lack of investment by the BBC during the early years.
        It’s difficult to choose one, isn’t it. Tom Baker was the first doctor I remember watching, so he is my childhood favourite. I don’t remember too many of the Peter Davison episodes, but I think that was more due to playing out with friends at the time. I actually have fond memories of Colin Baker’s run because I got back into watching it then. I also watched all of McCoy’s episodes, too, although I wasn’t sure about him at the time. Some good stories as well as some bizarre ones during his run.
        Of the new series, I’ve liked them all so far. I think Capaldi is one of the best Doctors ever. Controversial? For me, he brings out the alien and the age/experience of the role. Yes he’s grumpy and harsh at times, but it suits his doctor.
        Have you been watching the new series? I live in Japan now, so I don’t have easy access to the latest episodes (can usually see them a few days after broadcast). Again, I think Capaldi is very good. Bill, too.

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      • Great thoughts. I live in France now so we’re always late getting the show aired. I really like Capaldi and would have liked to seen him stay a bit longer under the new show runner. I agree about his age and grumpiness and think this is good, as the last few Doctors have been, in the main, young and smiley. Though Tennant had some very good grumpy moments I think, or maybe I’m seeing him in the Broadchurch role and getting mixed up.
        Tom Baker was the Doctor I grew up with too and he will always be iconic for me. I got back into it a bit when McCoy took over and I like a lot of his episodes I’ve seen on DVD since. I thought he had good chemistry with Ace, a really cool costume, and also his performance in the movie was excellent and moving I thought. I only know a few of the Hartnell, Davison and C Baker stories from DVD, but have caught up with a fair few of the Troughton stories and I like his Doctor a lot too.

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  1. Love these adverts, such great fun! Well, seeing how you’ve been asked who your favourite Doctor is (much as I love New Who, my fave Doctor is still Tom Baker from the classic series as the 4th Doctor, must admit I really like Capaldi too!) , I’d like to ask what your favourite Doctor Who monster is? 🙂

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