Scalextric – trade catalogues, part two

Scalextric is a leading brand of slot-car racing that was developed in the UK by Bentram “Freddie” Francis in 1957. Below are some scans and photographs taken from the 2006, 2007 and 2008 Scalextric trade catalogues. These high-quality industry catalogues are packed with amazing colour photographs of (the then) upcoming products. The copies I acquired included dealer suggested price lists, a poster, and a DVD. You can see part one here when I looked at the 1989, 1990 and 1991 catalogues. Click pics to enlarge.

47th Edition Trade Catalogue. 2006.







48th Edition Trade Catalogue. Special 50th Anniversary 1957 – 2007.









49th Edition Trade Catalogue. 2008.

Featuring sets from James Bond, The Italian Job, Transformers, The Simpsons.







Check out the story of Scalextric at the official site

3 thoughts on “Scalextric – trade catalogues, part two

  1. Love these Scalextric posts, and these ads are some of the best pictures yet! Sure this will bring back lots of happy memories racing on these tracks!. The track / set I had was very similar to the 50th anniversary, figure of 8 crossover with the bridge. I’m sure I had that classic ford rally car too, or one similar, I think you had to put the transfers on yourself. Had lots of run racing with this set 🙂

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    • Thanks 🙂 They’re top quality catalogues and I’m so tempted to collect the other editions if I see them going cheap. My son had the Le Mans 24 hour set which was impressive when you turned the room lights out at night and watched the cars going around on their own lights. We bought some additional track pieces that were on sale at Toy R Us and extended the track which was fun. Also had a cat at the the time that would sit in the centre and try to knock the cars off with her paw as they went past 🙂

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      • oh yes, those cars with the lights, they look great don’t they? There were so many great pieces of track to collect. I bet the cat wondered what was going on with all those cars wizzing around the track so fast! 🙂

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