E.T. the Extra Terrestrial


YEAR: 1982    GENRE: Sci-fi/fantasy    COOL THINGS: Finger-pointing stranded alien, Speak and Spell, flying BMXs    KUDOS: Steven Spielberg / Melissa Mathison    DERIVATIVES AND PROMOS: Please read on…

USA. Starlog 65. 1982.

USA. Starlog 65. 1982.

France. Pif Gadget. 1983.

France. Pif Gadget. 1983.

UK. Eagle. 1983.

UK. Eagle. 1983.

UK. Eagle. 1983.

UK. Eagle. 1983.

ET plush vinyl doll. France. Pif Gadget. 1982.

Trivia. Related, but do you know why?  🙂

US. Rom. 1985.

Mask #3 from the Star Wars Book of Masks. Yoda.


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4 thoughts on “E.T. the Extra Terrestrial

    • I had a Rupert Bear toy which was made from a type of foam rubber and articulated by wires inside the body and limbs. Over the years it slowly rotted away, even exposing some of the wires making it a hazard. Shame as it was such a nice brightly coloured toy when new. There are also some foam based Star Wars toys parts from the 70s and 80s that meet the same fate, not to mention some plastics degrading and losing their colour.

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