RIP the citizen: the slaughter of music-lovers, football fans, restaurant and bar-goers. Paris 2015.

I’m not in Paris but I am in France, and right now I’m so sad. As the day breaks on the morning following the horrors of the night, there is hope of a brighter day.

Morning breaks on the day after the slaughter of the Paris citizens. Nov 14 2015

Morning breaks on the day after the slaughter of Parisian citizens. Nov 14 2015

My blog is supposed to be about vintage toys. Yet like my post earlier in the year about the Charlie Hebdo massacre, I once again write with heavy heart at the brutal loss of life here in France. Last night, Friday 13th, on ‘International Kindness Day’, at least 120 citizens going about their weekend business of eating, drinking, attending a rock concert and a football match were massacred. As I write, more than two-hundred have been reported injured by bullets and explosives – some seriously.

My thoughts and love go out to the victims, their friends and families. The boyfriend of my wife’s friend was in the Bataclan venue last night watching the Eagles of Death Metal play. As the news broke of what was happening he remained un-contactable for almost an hour. Luckily he managed to escape and let his girlfriend know he was safe. We also have three young family members living and studying in central Paris. As news of their safety reached us we breathed a huge sigh of relief at these scraps of good news.

How pathetic that this post must directly follow the Shelley Lost Poem post I made lamenting the futility of war and the suffering of innocents. I don’t think I have words to describe how I feel about the gunmen and whatever their idealogical reasons are for what they did – other than they must be inhuman. To kill so many citizens simply out enjoying their Friday night is taking it to a whole new level. It’s as pointless as walking along a beach shooting sun-bathing tourists (Sousse, Tunisia 2015), or detonating yourself in the middle of a peace rally (Ankara, Turkey 2015).

Must we as citizens always look over our shoulders now at the billowing fury of religious fanatacism as we go simply about our business watching rock bands?

Jean Jullien illustration

Jean Jullien illustration

Image: TVTA

Image: TVTA

1 thought on “RIP the citizen: the slaughter of music-lovers, football fans, restaurant and bar-goers. Paris 2015.

  1. Eric

    The things I write about are from a bygone era when Western nations did not need to worry about these threats within their borders. It was a time when we could board a flight in 10 minutes and our loved ones could wave goodbye at the gate. A time when we could attend concerts, sporting events, and mass gatherings without fear.

    Unfortunately it would seem that it was the last era of greatness in Western nations before the “Religion of Peace” infiltrated our borders in large numbers. As hoards of these fanatics poured into our nation’s; subway systems began being bombed, commercial aircraft were targeted as a means of destruction, and masses of music fans are now seen as sitting ducks to those we foolishly welcome to cross our borders. They come into our countries only because they wish to cause us harm and change our societies and way of life.

    It does not take a rocket scientist to comprehend that wherever those who practice the “Religion of Peace” live in large numbers chaos and sorrow ensue. It does not take a brain surgeon to notice that we did not need to worry about these kinds of incidents inside of our borders until we allowed them to cross over into our states. Yet our policies are to continue to permit entry to more of them. It leads the average citizen to wonder why our leaders are determined to endanger us within our native lands and to accelerate the destruction of millenia of western culture.



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