Never mind the adverts… here are the toys!

Our office cat, Wooof, suggested that instead of putting up some new adverts of toys how about some actual toys instead!

Good suggestion Wooof, thanks! Now get back to work chasing those pesky mice who keep nibbling away at the archives down in the cellar. What? There are too many mice? Okay, hang on, I’m coming to help you. Let me grab my inflatable cat ears and retractable claws set.

In the meantime, here are some photos of a few bits and pieces from my toy collection. Back soon (at least I hope so… the last editor who was foolish enough to go down to the archives hasn’t been seen since! That was way back in 1984!!)

Beatles Taxis by Corgi 2008

TVTA Corgi Beatles

Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot Power of the Force Prototype coin, 1985

lxwp 1985 POTF TVTA

Corgi John Player Special Lotus Formula 1 Ronnie Peterson 1973


Batman vehicles 2004 / 5 by Corgi and Joker art print

Corgi Batman

Hulk Smash Tank from the 2003 movie

Hulk Smash tank figure TVTA

X-Men Vans Set by Corgi 1992

XMen set

X-Wing Fighter by Glasslite, Brazil, 1988

glasslite 1988 Brazil

X-Wing Fighter by Palitoy, UK 1980

esb 1980 Palitoy TVTA

Doctor Who figures and Flight Control Tardis by Character Options

dr_who CO TVTA



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