TVTA is pleased to announce the upcoming release of the first Ed Snowden fully-articulated Action Figure with accessories! Pictures to come, but for now we only have a few ‘secretly leaked’ grainy images of the prototypes that someone had left in the photocopier.


Ed Snowden Action Figure Accessories & Playsets!
Available soon! (prototypes shown below)


No more (action) heroes anymore

Of course, Ed hasn’t really been made into an action figure (yet) and nor are there any magazine/comic adverts urging us to rush out and buy him. But is there anyone at the moment more deserving than Ed of an action figure? How would Ed be designed and pitched to collectors? The Great Unmasker? The Big Bad Upsetter? The Geek Ninja? The Laptop kid?

TVTA rarely shoves its size ten Converse-covered feet into the mainstream mudpile, but this is big, really big, MASSIVE. And some of our staff have been itching to comment and create a little satire! So… thank you Ed Snowden for having the moral guts to stand up and prove what many have long suspected.

Mainstream media is very slow in waking up to what is happening here (or is just refusing to). The Guardian, who originally broke the story in the UK during June 2013, are to be praised. You can keep up to date with all the events concerning the abuse of our rights to privacy and freedom here at:  The Guardian. NSA Files.

And of course, if you just simply hate everything Ed stands for (and his upcoming fully-articulated action figure hero with accessories) then please continue to shuffle in tune to the zombie-beat mantra of “if you’ve nothing to hide then you’ve nothing to fear blah blah yawn”.

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