Z is for: Not a short history of TVTA

Z is for:



A brief history of TVTA:

TVTA began life in France, 2010, as a photo blog for vintage French toy adverts, hosted in both the French and English language. In 2011 TVTA switched to a new platform and extended its remit to worldwide toy adverts, dropping the French text and writing only in English. At this time each entry was accompanied by  a written piece. This practice ceased sometime in 2012 (only pictures were featured). In recent months TVTA has included written pieces once more, as well as featuring articles not confined to vintage toy adverts but loosely based upon toys/toy collecting (sometimes so loose as to be considered as ‘completely fallen off’). The chief editor is believed to be a mysterious type known only as Monsieur. Dooblaveh. Or just F. Or even Alicia. Or Isobel. Guest writers and contributors feature periodically, though rarely does anyone see their name in fonts. It is believed that early incarnations of TVTA (2006-2009) printed cheap flyers that were handed out at rock/indie gigs, art exhibitions and demonstrations. There are a number of hidden sections believed to be located in the virtual pages of TVTA. Rumours of famous contributors are probably completely baseless

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