5 comments on “Hot Wheels toys in my Banania Cornflakes

  1. A lot of old branding has changed in recent decades due to the ‘politically correct’ movement that polices cultural expression for sexism and racism, etc.. Some of it is reasonable, but some of it is just nitpicking. The smiling Senegalese soldier doesn’t seem that offensive to me – but I’m not French or Senegalese so I’m not familiar with the cultural emotion that is tied to the representation. It just doesn’t appear mean spirited or disrespectful as a lot of blatant racism can. In the States we have Aunt Jemima syrup and her image has evolved over the years – I’ve always seen her image as warm and endearing.

    Anyway, the Banania space play-set looks way cool. It would be so great to be able to get neat free stuff like this today just by collecting points from products one uses everyday. There’s points programs for stuffs like Coke, but the bonus products are mostly boring and easy to find otherwise and the really good things have such high point numbers that it would take forever to save enough anyway – unless you drink ten bottles of Coke a day, for example.


    • Good points. It will always be a charged issue I think. Similar concerns have been made (for and against) with TinTin, Rupert Bear and Enid Blyton’s Noddy stories that feature colonial-era African natives and ‘golliwog’ characters. Robertson’s food products of the UK had used the golliwog character on its products since 1910 and ceased use in 2001.

      Regarding product points: here in France we’ve noticed more of a switch to ‘codes’ inside products that you collect and enter online to claim prizes. Kellogs and St Mamet are two companies currently doing this. There are a fair few products including FREE stickers and fridge magnets too. I’m stubbornly keeping hold of the memory that every single product my mum bought when I was a kid contained a FREE toy or sticker :)


      • Yes, that’s more accurate – points. Sounds like you folks in France are getting kind of neat stuffs. I keep seeing things like mp3s, video games, etc. I think part of the fun of premiums were the rare stuffs one could collect.

        Yeah, good memories of good times, who can blame you for tightly holding on to them. :)


        • Yes, some of the promotions in France are quite good really. I think it’s also good if the packaging can be used in some way too – like I remember some of the UK cereal boxes back in the late 70s and early 80s would not only contain a toy but could also have an additional cut-out figure or diorama from the rear of the pack. Knights and horses spring to mind. Or the Star Wars cut-out masks on the backs of Kellog’s C-3POs which were released in the US and Canada. Puzzles and quizzes were also a popular thing to stick on the back :)


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